Into the life of Mademoiselle.

ENGDuring the 21 days Douglas Kirkland spent shooting Gabrielle Chanel, he never once saw Coco remove her hat. We are in 1962 and she’s 79 years old. “This is a story about who she was, who I was, and how she affected my life.” Douglas Kirkland

FR Durant les 21 jours que Douglas Kirkland passa a photographier Gabrielle Chanel, il ne vit jamais Coco retirer son chapeau. Nous sommes en 1962 et elle a 79 ans. “C’est une histoire qui parle de qui elle était, qui j’étais, et sur l’impact qu’elle a eu dans ma vie.” Douglas Kirkland

Chanel backstage, 1962

Coco Chanel and model. Look Magazine, 1961.

Coco Chanel in a cab, 1962

Coco Chanel with models backstage 1962

Coco explaining fashion, 1962

Coco Chanel walking from the Ritz to the House of Chanel in Paris, rue Cambon, 1962.

Drinking champaign backstage, 1962.

Gabrielle Chanel, 1962


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